‘2019 is for the Liberation of Kwara’. Kwara State SDP Governorship Candidate



Dr. Olajide Joseph Adebola.
Social Democratic Party
Governorship Candidate.

‘2019 is for the Liberation of Kwara’.

I welcome the great people of Kwara State into the new year 2019. Our actions and inactions in the past brought us into the current situation we now find ourselves. We are living in extreme poverty at the instance of just few who lord themselves over us because we allow them.

Our story has not changed much in the past 50 years of the existence of our dear State. We are still struggling with the basic needs of life i.e food, shelter, education, health and infrastructure etc.

It has become very difficult to sustain our survival despite the abundant human, materials, natural resources the State is blessed with. So many households in the State find it hard to keep body and soul together.

If we must achieve our collective desire of a State where  all citizens are self-reliant and self-sufficient with self development, what we need is a government that is accountable to the people of Kwara and not to godfathers. This is hallmark of good governance  (Isejoba ti o dara) and social justice.

As the Governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party in Kwara State for the 2019 elections, I want to thank my party members and supporters for standing with me at this challenging time. I encourage our people to pursue peace and harmony with one another as the election draws nearer. I’d like to enjoin INEC to ensure that the election is free and fair because one thing is sure that Kwarans will vote for good governance that the Social Democratic Party will provide in the State.

To the electorate awaiting Liberation in 2019, I make this plea: Don’t sell your vote.  Your vote has the power to secure your future and that of your children. Vote wisely. Liberation from extreme poverty is a must today. We must resolve to play our part. As we all play our part together in love, We SHALL BE FREE INDEED.

As a party, we are committed to socioeconomic transformation of Kwara State into a modern city that will be a model for the rest of the country by implementing a developmental plan that has been carefully put together. Long live kwara State!

God bless Kwara. I wish everybody a prosperous 2019.


Dr. Olajide Joseph Adebola
Governorship Candidate
Social Democratic Party  (SDP)
Kwara State.

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