Press Statement:

“Campaign with your achievements in Kwara North, stop insulting our royal fathers, Saraki told”

(For immediate release and circulation)

The attention of well-meaning citizens of Kwara north senatorial district has again been drawn to barrage of insults and disrespect coming from the senator representing Kwara central senatorial district and senate president, Dr. Bukola Saraki to our reverred traditional rulers.

The open and brazen disrespect for our traditional institution and particularly, our respected royal fathers in this part of the state is one too many. We must remind him for the umpteenth time that, our royal fathers remain the custodian of our culture and values, therefore reducing them to “town criers” is sacrilegious.

The shameful and at best arrogant mien of the senate president by consistently summoning our Emirs for political meetings and compelling them to reach their subjects in his stead has to stop.

If a man suddenly realizes that, the Kwara north region has been long neglected and deprived the essentials of life that dignify human existence, it behoves him to render public apology and change his ways.

Our people will continue to hold him responsible for the deliberate underdevelopment of our region and the insensitivity of the continuity government he presides over in the last 16 years.

The north senatorial district right from the days of his father, Dr. Olusola Saraki had always demonstrated unparalleled support for  their camp wherein we delivered the winning votes in the previous elections.

If we are so important and cardinal to his electoral success, why waiting till the eleventh hour before reaching out to us and what informs his desecration of our traditional institution? We reject in its entirety his bait to portray our respected traditional rulers as accomplices in his failed leadership. A negative and sleazy expedition!

As one that the Almighty Allah has helped to lead Kwara State in the last 16 years, he must be able to enumerate how he is helping to stamp out poverty in this region. He must tell us, government policies that are directed at human capital development. What is the GDP and/or per capita income of an average inhabitant of that region?

However, we encourage the senator representing Kwara central senatorial district to face his return bid and allow us to take our destiny in our hands. He could be more civil by engaging in issues-based campaign but compelling our Emirs to garner support for his crumbling leadership is unacceptable, untoward and sacrilegious.

Our people are therefore requested to remain focus and resolute in their efforts to chase an undeperforming and insensitive government out of our region. This is an opportunity for us to enthrone a government that will return our dignity and pride to us.

We must bring in a government that will restore our children that were hitherto chased out of their productive land to ride Okada elsewhere and stop our women from drawing water from the brooks every morning, when such hours can be used for productive ventures.

Alhaji Muhammad Kudu Muhammad

Director General,
Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq Campaign Organization,
Kwara North Senatorial District
Sunday 20th, January 2019.

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