A Few Reasons Why Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed is Leaving Kwara State Better Than He Met It

A Few Reasons Why Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed is Leaving Kwara State Better Than He Met It.

Earlier this week, Kwara State Governor, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed said he leaving a better Kwara State. Here are a few reasons why.

1. The Ahmed administration put Kwara State on a strong economic platform with KWIRS which grew IGR from N500m to N2b monthly within a year, thus making Kwara one of Nigeria’s most sustainable states.

2. Kwara State is now in a better position to implement high-value road, education, and other projects with the introduction of Infrastructure Fund Kwara(IF-K).

3. The Ahmed administration implemented major road projects such as the Geri Alimi Diamond Underpass, Share Oke Ode Road, Anilelerin Road, Offa, Arandun-Rore-Ipetu Road, Oloro Township  Road, Oke Rimi Road, Oro, Adualere-Isale Koko Road, Ilorin, and several others across the state.

4. Ahmed administration expanded the award-winning community health insurance scheme from 3 to eleven LGAs and has intimated statewide health insurance.

5. On Governor Ahmed’s watch, Kwara State is an emerging hub for vocational skills with the establishment of IVTEC, Ajase-Ipo.

6. Governor Ahmed implemented Light Up Kwara (LUK) street lights projects through the Solar Farm Tunnel technology, first and only one of its type in Nigeria.

7. Kwara State’s informal sector is now thriving with the injection of N3.4b to 70k SMEs in the state thus creating thousands of indirect jobs.

8. Governor Ahmed boosted tertiary education with the construction of KWASU Engineering complex and School of Business and Governance as well as the ongoing satellite campuses at Osi and Ilesha Baruba

9. The Ahmed administration upscaled agriculture through the Off-Taker Driven Scheme, Kwara Agro Mall and facilitated CACS and Anchor Borrower Scheme for local farmers.

10. Governor Ahmed brought inherited projects to completion thus ending the era of abandoned projects in Kwara State, including payment of inherited contractor debts..

11. The administration boosted youth jobs through a combination bridge empowerment schemes, training programs and direct employment, including the recent employment of 1850 teachers.

12. The Ahmed administration created the environment for the emergence of new employment generating investments such as BUA Sugar Factory, Crown Hill University, to mention just a few.

13. Governor Ahmed remodelled and modernized Ilorin, Offa, Share, Omu-Aran, and Offa General Hospitals.

14. Thanks to Governor Ahmed, Kwara State enjoyed greater peace, stability and greater harmony

15. Governor Ahmed created a conducive working environment for State Civil Servants through prompt salary payment, regular training, welfare packages such as car loans, the completed Land Administration building and the almost completed State Secretariat Phase 2

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