Kwara State Governor-Elect organises Sensitization programme on renewable energy and improved technology on water

Press Statement:

Sensitization programme on renewable energy and improved technology on water provision will birth new lease of life for our rural dwellers

The commitment of the Governor Elect, Kwara State, Alhaji AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq to youth development and other important groups can not be over emphasized. There a number of initiatives that have received his blessings in the recent past – the youth summit was one of them.

The youth summit was convened to achieve among other things an incubation centre for novel ideas among the young people to bring about socio-economic recovery in our dear State.

The forthcoming sensitization programme put together in partnership with Eletropreneur Center is one of such initiatives aimed at ameliorating problems faced by rural dwellers.

The lead discussant, Tunde Salihu is an electrical engineer and general chair of the 6th IEEE PowerAfrica 2019 conference. Evidence of his many strides in powering local communities in the state is visible.

Our extensive interventions in water provision in the last two years, afforded us the fulcrum to work out a synergy in these important areas for rapid socio-economic recovery of Kwara State.

We will continue to work out this type of partnership with relevant agencies, companies, groups and individuals that are targeted at developing our State.

Kayode Oyin-Zubair
Kwara Youth Summit 2019

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