Dear Kayode Oyin, I hope this mail finds you well.

 Permit me to salute your ideological propensity, revolutionary tenancity and political technicality that has continue to sustain your relevance among the youths of our state, Kwara.

Kayode, you and your team have indeed done a great job for facilitating the repair of those water pipes in the metropoly.

 With that singular action, apart from making water available in our homes, you’ve successfully prevented a likely outbreak of water borne diseases and other related infections associated with consumption of contaminated water in our capital city.

As a Public Health Physician with about a decade of practise, I can only imagine how many lives you have saved. Not to mention the millions of Naira it will cost our states to curtail an outbreak of Cholera, if those pipes were left unattended by your team. You are indeed a great Epidemiologist.

At a period when most of our so called youths were busy planning how to organize “Dinner and Award Nights” for showmanship, you defied the scorching weather, stormed the streets of our capital city and showed our people what governance is all about: “Community Participation” and not award presentation challenge.

I hope and wish that your singular action will challenge and remind us all that our immediate priority shouldnt be a forum to wine and dine, but rather a point where Ideas and ideals will be set for this government of ours. AA must succeed.

I can only pray Allah to strengthen and increase you in wisdom to do more for our state. Amin

Best of all wishes from your Brother from another Mother.

Nassamu Oluwatoyin Yakub MB;BS, MDRMDS, MPH – FIELD EPIDEMIOLOGY, PhD (In view).

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