THE KWARA I WANT (Part one) by Stephen A. Awoyale

by Stephen A. Awoyale.

Stephen Awoyale

1. Where hospitals are well equipped with adequate staff and a better welfare.

2. Where all the roads are motorable and accidents are minimized.

3. Where Schools will be well equipped, affordable and better staffed.

4. Where businesses will grow and access to funds for businesses is easily accessed(Credit, Loan, Grants etc).

5. Where our economy will boom.

6. Where every investor will want to invest in.

7. Where workers will be well paid as at when due.

8. Where there will be equity, fairness & Justice

9. Where competent hands will be engaged.

10. Where protection of lives & property will be at it optimum and guaranteed.

11. Where every Citizen will be law abiding and corruption and lawlessness will be a thing of the past.

12. Where every citizen will pay it’s statutory commitment and our IGR will improve.

13. Where Agriculture will be embraced by all and the youths will be better engaged.

14. Where there will be infrastructural development.

15. Where we can all proud of our heritage and can sincerely proclaim that it is indeed good here in Kwara.

Kwara of our dream is possible.

I see better Kwara
I see God turning our mourning into dancing.

To achieve this, we must all work together, irrespective of our differences (Tribe, Culture, Religion, Qualification, Experience and whatever our bias ).

Play your role very well.

I’m Stephen Adeola
CEO ATS Media Solutions

12 thoughts on “THE KWARA I WANT (Part one) by Stephen A. Awoyale”

  1. Ire be nbi… The possibility is sure! Hard work is needed! Foresight and Strategic planning is called forth! Passionate and positive minds must be alive! PrayerFULs must be on ground! Oluwa is involved!

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