My Personal Experience With an Emerging ICON (Kayode Oyin-Zubair) by Stephen A. Awoyale

My Personal Experience With an Emerging ICON (Kayode Oyin-Zubair).
by Stephen A. Awoyale.

Not all heroes wear capes, some come in the form of normal human beings but in them lay greatness. The very common phrase “great men are not made, they are born great” typifies the story of the man: Kayode Oyin-Zubair.

His birth may not have been globally celebrated nor his birth place; Igbaja, Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State- a geographical location of global significance, but his antecedents and achievements over the years is quickly drawing and catching the attention of the entire world not just to him personally but to his birth place as well.

He has consistently shown and proven that men are not defined by what they drive but by what drives them. For Kayode Oyin-Zubair, every day he is blessed and opportune to be alive, every breathe he breaths is for the improvement and development of his community and the society at large.

Today, I dare say, he is a community builder per excellence. It is amazing how great things can start from small and humble beginnings and for him in particular, in small petite physical frame but do not be deceived by his calm ambience and disposition; he is a highly focused individual. He is self motivated and a naturally gifted leader which is evident and abundantly clear by the massive followership he enjoys and wide spread influence he today wields both locally and in the national political scene.

He is a selfless leader, always looking for avenues and platforms to first serve than to be served. To this effect, scores of youths have seen their lives transformed both academically, professionally and career wise through his unselfish committed passion to see them excel in life.

Currently, he’s the convener of Kwara Youth Summit, the single largest gathering of youths in Kwara State. The group cuts across all the major sectors in the state: Artisans, Professionals, Academics, marketers, etc. The group later metamorphosed into the Kwara Youth Center which has been adopted as an advisory body to the Kwara State governor. Recently, the center partnered with various ministries like  the ministry of environment, works, Water resources, and associations like the Kwara State Plumbers Association, Kwara State Waste management Association etc.

Permit me at this junction to share a little out of my personal experiences with this iconic young man.

Following the path of his mentors while growing up as a child, some of which include the following but not exhaustively; The late sage, Obafemi Awolowo and legal luminary, Bola Ige (SAN) to mention just a few who successfully combined their careers with politics, Kayode Oyin-Zubair, having excelled in his chosen profession as a Journalist and prolific writer of repute, delved into politics in a bid to contribute in a higher capacity, his quota to effect positive changes in the lives of the people.

In the year 1998, he was the pioneer Ward Secretary of the Alliance for Democracy (AD) in Igbaja ward. Others include Pioneer Secretary of the political group “Kwara Unity Forum- KUF” of the Honourable Minister of Information & Culture; Alhaji Lai Mohammed from the year 2005-2016.

He was also the Chief Coordinator on a team of 3 to register members of the APC in Ifelodun Local Government Area in 2014.
Riding on his integrity and honest virtues exemplified in previously held positions, he was able to successfully mobilize Kwarans in particular and Nigerians in general both locally and in the diaspora to generate funds for;
The repair of hand pump boreholes,
Training of locals in repairs and maintenance of same in twelve (12) Local Government Areas of Kwara State.

This was done to ease the burden of portable water shortage across the state which was a potential health disaster if not done due to the fear of the possible outbreak of cholera and other associated epidemics.

As projected, the water project achieved among many other things, the following:
Reductions in the number of dysfunctional hand pump bore-holes.

A visible upgrade in the maintenance culture of the people due to their newly acquired knowledge of repairs and maintenance.

A significant reduction in water borne diseases among the most vulnerable ones (women & children), and high risk prone areas across the state.

Improve in the local economy (GDP) of the areas through the additional alternative source of income for those trained to handle repairs.

In addition, new bore-holes were sunk in many locations within the state which hitherto depended solely on unclean, unsafe seasonal streams and/or wells which they had to share with the livestock of nomads.

One major highlight of this success story was that of Ajisaiye village in Moro Local Government Area of Kwara State. The pathetic water condition which had now been turned around with this intervention program caught the attention of the whole world due to the precariously dangerous condition they were exposed by virtue of the unhealthy water condition.

The Nigerian media gave it the attention and accolades the initiative deserved with Channels Television using the successfully carried out project as a flagship story in 3 different episodes of their program: The Big Story. As at today, the initiative has repaired 200 pumps and trained more than 120 youths across the state.

Other laudable humanitarian intervention programs he has successfully carried out include the following;

The provision of solar light with home appliances to Oyele Community in Igbaja District through collaboration with foreign partners in 2017.

Donation of 2 Computer sets to ECWA Demonstration School Igbaja and the Community LGEA Primary Scholl Igbaja in 2017.

Purchase & full handing over of a tricycle for the use of the Health Centre in the community to ease movement of health workers and materials
The full salary payment of a subject teacher in a primary school in Igbaja for a year amongst others.

A man who believes in standing for the truth at all times regardless of whose ox is goad, Kayode Oyin-Zubair went against popular counsel risking his life for the total freedom of Kwara State.

It was indeed a tough call and not one for the faint hearted but he was not one to chicken out. Today Kwara is free from oppression and tyranny which was the order of the day for so long.

The victory of the APC in the last election is a testament of the efforts and sacrifices people like Kayode Oyin-Zubair paid behind the scenes.

In the APC, he was the brain behind the famous CPC( Caucus for Progressive change) a pressure group that boldly challenged the shenanigans and political gimmicks employed by loyalists of opposition stalwarts implanted within the party during the nomination process of the Honourable Minister of Information & Culture in 2016 and just recently the fight against impunity, inequality and high handedness that lead to the exit of loyalists of erstwhile  political godfather in the state; Bukola Saraki.

Kwara State and Nigeria as a nation is blessed to have such a goal driven individual in its Arsenal to call upon when the chips are down. In little time, he has achieved so much with little or no resources at his disposal nor for personal gains and yet he remains humble, accessible and committed to the cause for a greater and better Kwara State and most importantly a better Nigeria for not just this generation but those coming after.

I celebrate you today as always and pray the Lord to keep you, strengthen you and bless you with wisdom to carry out your responsibilities effectively and efficiently.
Thank you and God bless.

 Stephen Adeola Awoyale (08039226805)
CEO, ATS Media Solutions
Publisher of, The Vine Reporters

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