Kwarans respond to appointment of SA health matters

Kwarans respond to appointment of SA health matters

Dr. ‘Dele Adeniyi

The appointment of Special adviser on  Health matters, Prof Wale Suleiman has confirm the obvious deviant from the regular style political appointments in Kwara in particular and Nigeria in general.

Though a similar trend was observed at the inception of our resurrected democracy in the year 1999.

The record, exposure and prior antecedents of the appointed SA Health matter to the Kwara State Governor, Alhaji Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq can not be an over emphasized march of shape and size of the scion to the stalk.

Right now, his Excellency is not expected to do less in term of other appointments in similar vein as proud professional Kwarans make themselves available for an inclusive, sacrificial and landmark impact for the present administrations.

Surely, the “hand on the wall” certainly should write something remarkable and invaluable in the history of the 1967-born Kwara.

 Every citizens and residents of this emerging economy must be prepared to contribute significantly to achieving a better status of livelihood and safety in our beloved State.

Long live Executive Governor,
Long live Kwara,
Long live Nigeria.

Dr. Dele Adeniyi

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