Didn’t you say you’re a Christian? By Rev. Dr. B.M. Owojaiye

Didn’t you say you’re a Christian?
 By Rev. Dr. B.M. Owojaiye

But why is it that pleasing God is not your core priority?
You can’t do a moment without Facebook.
You can’t do without Twitter.
You can’t do without WhatsApp.
You can’t do without TV.
You can’t do without fondling with your cell phone for a minute.
You surf the internet more than you open the WORD of God.
Christian? Surely, compare the amount of time you spend with these *things* to what you *spare* with your Maker.

You can’t do without crushing.
You can’t do without flirting.
You can’t do without sex,
You go for it anywhere, anyhow, anytime and with anyone.
You masturbate, lust after, and swim in sexual fantasies.

What about your appetite for recognition and popularity?
You can’t do without freshly indulgences.
You can’t do without alcohol.
You even abuse drugs and substances.
You are more familiar with celebrities more than you know Bible characters.
You are more controlled by worldly trends than the Holy Spirit.

Child of God, you enjoy keeping unholy companies than flocking with brethren in Christ.
You can’t do without partying.
You can’t do without gaming.
You cant do without cheating.
You cant do without stealing.
You cant do without lying.
You derive so much joy in wrongly accusing people and spreading falsehoods.
Your greed for money is out of this world.
You call it smartness, abi?

 *But you can do without God!*
You can do without praying.
You can do without fasting.
You have succeeded in silencing your conscience.
You have become a *field-marshal* in disobeying your Master.
You worship God any time, anyhow and anyways you feel like.
You value your status even *more than God.* You are more concerned with what others say about you and not a bit about God feels of you.
You have wired your life around *things* but disconnected yourself with *the source* of life Himself.

Child of God, remember that you may ignore God, but you can never ignore the consequences of ignoring Him.
Watch out! Make amends where necessary! Seek help! Time is ticking! Tomorrow might just be too late, folk!

 A word is enough…….!


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