Kwara State Government will use Safe drinking Water to combat poor hygiene and sanitation. By Kayode Oyin-Zubair

Press Statement:

Boreholes rehabilitation attest to Gov. AbdulRazaq’s readiness to provide safe drinking water and hygienic environment

Kwara State Government through the Ministry of Water Resources is pushing forward to ensure that, Kwara residents in urban centres and rural areas have access to safe drinking water. Water as you are aware will support good hygiene and sanitation.

Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq in his first week in office ordered for the resuscitation of Asa Dam water works which had hitherto been under utilised. Energy bill was settled and workers were motivated.

Government equally mobilized for the rehabilitation of Asa Dam, Lafiagi Water Works, Igbaja Water Works and that of Kaiama. However, rural water where over 800 boreholes had been abandoned for so long could only leave the people with unhealthy alternatives.

The governor in his magnanimity allowed for partnership between the youths and government’s agency to bring back those boreholes, train more young people and equip them with working tools. This initiative is not only laudable but commendable which has shown that really this government belongs to the people.

In the recent past, when private individuals embarked on such interventions, the men of yesterday were seeking every means including pressing spurious charges against young patriotic citizens in a bid to take them out of circulation.

In the first phase of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq’s rural water intervention and support, 400 boreholes will be rehabilitated. The distribution is as follows: Kwara Central – 82, Kwara South – 126 and Kwara North – 192.

The distribution shows that areas with minimal water works have more while those with functional earth dams are not so many. The project is not only ongoing but strategically improved upon so that, water issues can be solved once.

The sad event of 2017 when children were lost to cholera epidemic during raining season like this should not be allowed to return to Kwara. The avoidable occurrence that took scores of children away was occasioned by lack of safe drinking water; when human and animal wastes were washed into shallow wells.

The novel initiative of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq will take care of the trio – safe drinking water, personal hygiene and sanitation.

We implore Kwarans to continue to partner the government on all areas of development so that, the recovery process can be fast-tracked. It is an open secret that many  communities in Kwara are yet to have the essential and basic needs that can support human existence. The herculean task of restoring the state to basic setting requires the support of all patriots.

*Kayode Oyin-Zubair*
Kwara Youth Center,
Monday, 2nd September, 2019

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