Wazirin Hausawa: The Man, His Strides and Posterity. Stephen A. Awoyale Exactly a year ago, Kwara born Yakubu Gobir was installed as the Wazirin Hausawa of Daura Emirate Council by his Eminence: Emir of Daura, Alhaji Umar Farouk.

Ever since his installation in an epoch making event held in Daura, Katsina State, Yakubu Gobir quickly embraced his duties wholeheartedly and discharged same to the best of his ability and capabilities. The qualities that endeared him to the people and much more which were erstwhile unknown have all been brought to bear in such a short period of time. Today, he has left no one in doubts as to if he was the right man to wear such an illustrious cap. Working very closely with him this past one year has been nothing beautiful, memorable and enjoyable moments. He, unlike others with such a busy schedule and heavy burden of expectation on his shoulders has remained a pillar of humility and a source of encouragement to all around him. He is undoubtedly brilliant and proves this with his constant supply of creative ideas and solutions to daily work challenges. He has never been too busy to listen to us, neither does he discriminate. He truly epitomizes the one Nigeria that we desire to see. He has shown concern and care to all even beyond the confines of the work environment. His efforts to create and build a better society cannot be underestimated; as at today, he has reached out to well over 2000 women by providing soft loans, vocational trainings and equipment to women across different councils of the state to empower them towards financial stability. This he does without bias to religion, race or political affiliations. Having known him as a philanthropist even before taking the title, he has further boosted this tag with his various good will donations to charitable causes within and outside the state. God bless you, Sir. Today, I join other well wishers in Katsina, Kwara- your home state and Nigerians both at home and in the Diaspora to congratulate you on your first year anniversary as the Wazirin Hausawa. My prayer is that Allah Grant you life, good health and the resources you need to continue to carry out your duties first to Allah and to the people. May you live long to see the wishes of the people materialize over your life, Sir. Thank you so much for all you do and once again accept my congratulations. Awoyale Stephen

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