Kwara APC Crisis. (Untold story) By Moses Oyelakin

Kwara APC Crisis. (Untold story)
By Moses Oyelakin

Eight months down the road, it is necessary to understand the centrality of the crisis and sacrifices of the principal actors of the “O to ge.” Our party faithfuls deserve to know the truth about our present predicament. Knowing the truth does not mean apportioning blames or dishing out punishment. The truth is necessary for our liberation and progress as a party.

The present political tinderbox is a problem foretold. This article will reveal why the flag off of our then gubernatorial candidate, AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq was cancelled by the party.

The party leadership may have somehow  wittingly participated in the creeping crisis that has now engulfed the structure in the state.

It was revealed that Alh Lai Muhammed instructed the party Chairman, Hon. Omolaja Bolarinwa to cancel the flag off because he was not informed. An exco member of All Progressives Congress, Kwara State Chapter during a meeting once asked the party Chairman, Alhaji Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa to address the allegations and put the festering crisis to rest.
Unfortunately, the hot tempered party chairman resisted and things went out of control. While efforts are being made to douse the tension on both ends.

Recently, Bolarinwa was wistfully quoted as saying he never collected any money from Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq for the gubernatorial ticket, he may be right because Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq  couldn’t trust the man that made him spend money on Flag-off and it was cancelled because a godfather said so. In fact that has never been the allegation on his neck so he should deviate from such distraction.

The actions of the party in the state prior to the election which have caused  the current crisis and contributed the crack we are yet to mend today are the issues begging for answers.
The revelation that the flag-off for the Gubernatorial campaign was cancelled by a self acclaimed leader Alh Lai Muhammed has not been denied.

Also, no justifiable reason is yet to be offered for the return of the initial campaign fund two million Naira given by the state Gubernatorial candidate to the party.
Interestingly,we are yet to be convinced why the Chairman and the signatories to the party’s accounts have refused to be audited in view of the verifiable incomes accrued to the party prior to the election.

The laughable excuse posited by some ignorant people that those who did not contribute to the funding of the party cannot demand for audit of the accounts of the party which is a constitutional provision is very embarrassing and ludicrous.

The demand by the state Auditor to audit the party finances is in line with the party’s constitution which calls for annual auditing of the party’s income and expenditure.
The false claim that a party leader financed the last general for party should be specifically proved. The truth is that top politicians especially from the south-west and North central donated to the OTOGE struggle.

There are allegations that the campaign funds meant for the state was cornered by the self aclaimed leader and distributed as personal funds, reason for the call to audit the accounts of the party.

These and many others are actions that forced the crack on the wall through which the lizard entered, took refuge and hibernated. Without the crack which was inviting for anyone with a desire for mischief, it would have been impossible to bring the party to it’s current pass. If not for God, the revolution would have been impossible.

Another reason for the APC’s crisis in Kwara has to do with how the party refused to accord the Governor respect and leadership position in the party . A source revealed how the party during a meeting with the Governor were rude in their conduct has not been refuted.
However, one can say without any fear of contradiction that right from inception, those who constituted the core of the party in the State were tailored towards the interest of a self acclaimed leader and their path appears parallel to that of Governor. Abdulrahman Abdulrazak.

It is worrisome that with each passing day, the battle of wits and wills continues by the forces against the Governor. These dream merchants are begging for more questions. Why can’t they allow an audit of the State’s accounts so that we can know how funds which accrued to the state from sales of nomination forms were spent. In spite of all the funds which accrued to the party, it was still impossible to get a Secretariat of its own.

According to a source within the party, no time did the state working committee meet to discuss any income and expenditure of the party.
When did the party receive the funds for proceeds on nomination forms from the national headquarters of the party and how much was received?
The lingering questions led to contempt and dragging the name of the party in the mud….

………to be continued

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