COVID19 and person with disabilities ENOUGH OF SUFFERING IN SILENCE

COVID19 and person with disabilities

People with disability are determined people that don’t accept defeat despite their condition and various challenges facing them because of the disability.

According to the Women Leader of Women Wing of Joint National Association of Persons with Disability Kwara Chapter (JONAPWD ) Mrs. Bolarin Joy, said,

we can no longer be Suffering and smiling.
The government of this country at all levels are taking for granted the population of over 20million people living with disability and never give them the support they needed to thrive in the society.

Let’s take for instance since covi19 lock down, no particular special measure is in place to make life easy for people with disability during this period.

Imagine the social distance when majority of people living with disability needs assistance to survive but no one is giving any consideration to difficult times these group are encountering during this period.

Majority of them are living at the mercy of others but people assisting them can no longer do so because of lock down and social distance.

We are not opposing the stay at home and social distance since it’s in the best interest of everyone to stay safe but measure should be put in place to provide solution to assist people with disability.

As government is striving to stop the spread of covid19,i is important to note  that hunger is a killer too and can lead to other killer diseases.

Hence the need for quick action to cushion the effect of hunger.

In Kwara State where I live, people with disability that supposed to be given priority attention have not gotten access to any palliative measure up till now since the lock down and we are denied access to the government to ask for our right.

Before the lock down Transportation is a major challenge for people with disability because of difficulty to go from one place to the other, if you don’t have your personal vehicle.Transporter are always very reluctant to carry people with disability because of  wheel chair, and if they will carry you at all they charge exhorbitant price.

Another problem is to cross the road,despite drivers  seeing people with disability making efforts to cross the road, moving vehicle will never show concern for people with disability by slowing down for them to pass,despite difficulty in movement we have to wait endless until the road is cleared before crossing the road.

I’m saying this out of my personal experience as a woman living with disability.

I want to tell people in the helm of affairs at all levels that are not showing Concern about the plight of the people living with disability that they should remember the same blood run in our vein and disability can happen to anybody.

Am using this opportunity to speak out on behalf of people with disability that we are  suffering and frustrated, we can no longer tolerate the hunger and suffering this lock down is bringing to us.

We can no longer wait, urgent measure should be put in place to reach  the leadership of people with disability and arrange our relief materials with immediate effect to avoid us coming out to express our grievances.We are law abiding citizen but we are asking for our right.

The voice of people with disability is crying for immediate attention now.

It is important for the government to realise the relevance of the provision of chapter two of the fundamental objective and directives principles of state policy, as an urgent measure to be put in place to reach the leadership of people with disabilities both in the state and local government to provide a palliative relief for the inclusiveness for people with disabilities.

Doing this will however enable people with disabilities to enjoyed the inclusiveness of the government policy.

Mrs. Bolarin Joy
CEO Jibore Impeccable Foundation

Woman Leader Women Wing of Joint National Association of Persons with Disability Kwara Chapter (JONAPWD)

10 thoughts on “COVID19 and person with disabilities ENOUGH OF SUFFERING IN SILENCE”

  1. There is no two ways about it, government should provide the needs for its people especially the persons living with disabilities in this critical time.

  2. People with disability are only challenged people because of one form of disadvantage or another they need help to show care and love for them.

  3. People living with disability deserve special attention in situation like this, government should create commission for them, that will be head by them because, he who wears the shoe knows where it pinches, nothing for us without us

  4. Apart from Government, i believe, some people that God has blessed in the community, you reading this post and God has bless you to be a blessing can be sources of blessing to this great people.
    If you are reading this post and you are privileged to give, pls, kindly save a soul. God bless us all

  5. Support structure should be in place indeed for people with disabilities who have no means to help themselves. As a matter of fact all man need help, so let's render the help we can to other as it is within our capacity. God bless Nigeria.

  6. This writeup is the truth and noting but the truth . But our set of leaders now are only interested in money making to acquire everything including praise singing. We are on the wrong side of the show. Let's pray for devine intervention .let us be our brothers keepers.

  7. Very bad indeed but I trusted present government will truly be there for disable people. For palliative measures, the recent distributed ones, people with disabilities were among those should be benefited from it but due to selfishness/bad committed they misdistributed those food items

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