Post-Covid-19: Our approach can banish hunger and poverty from Kwara

Press Statement:

Post-Covid-19: Our approach can banish hunger and poverty from Kwara

The unity of purpose demonstrated by Nigerians  (individual and corporate) against the unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic is legendary and commendable.

Reports coming from Kwara State local technical committee coordinating efforts directed at mitigating all issues arising from the pandemic is equally heartwarming. The committee however, has more latitude for improvement.

Kwarans must express profound gratitude to the private sector and philanthropists that have made significant contributions in the fight against the pandemic either in material or financial support. The force that binds us at this time is edifying. We have shown that, unity is achievable when we put our hearts to it.

Kwara Youth Centre is very optimistic that, the Coronavirus will be defeated soonest so that, humanity can continue to run on its natural course.

While we are confident that, we shall come out stronger, we are still concerned about banishing the all-time scourge called poverty, which its capital is unfortunately traced to Nigeria. We can as well be united to banish hunger and poverty from here.

Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq of Kwara State would have to lead a powerful team that would consciously harness all available resources in a bid to reactivating our local economy through collaborations.

There is no gain saying that, this a populist government whose agenda on developing the State is visible to the blind and clear to the deaf. This government has completed a number of inherited projects that have direct bearing on the wellbeing of the citizens and reactivated many that were hitherto moribund.

It is not enough for communities to take ownership of government projects alone but lead in providing sustainable economic strategies that can banish hunger and poverty from our local communities.

A recent report of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) indicated that Liberia’s  Gross Domestic Product crashed by 8% after the Ebola outbreak. That is usually the devastating outcome of any outbreak of disease. We must be determined to take our vibrancy back.

We are not only confident that the foresightedness of the AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq administration will pay-off in the coming days but we are calling on all stakeholders to strengthen its relationship with the leadership of the State, after Coronavirus is long buried.

The challenges of the coming days can be easily surmounted if stakeholders design projects in collaboration with the government to bring about economic boom. This effort can sufficiently banish hunger and poverty from here.

Kayode Oyin-Zubair
Kwara Youth Center
Thursday 30th April, 2020

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