Kwara panel: Why are Sarakites afraid of Justice Orilonishe

Kwara panel: Why are Sarakites afraid of Justice Orilonishe 
Why is Senator Bukola Saraki always shouting foul play anytime a panel is set up to look into anything connected to him? Has he done anything evil or contrary to public interest to warrant the ghost of karma perpetually running after him? When he doesn’t shout that the Federal Government is after him, he will cry that police is witch-hunting him. 
When police are not going after him, he will cry that EFCC is waylaying him. 
Na only him waka come? So there is this talk by Sarakites that the recently constituted Justice Orilonishe commission of Inquiry on assets of the state was empanelled to witch-hunt their Ogas at the top. This was the same cry they made when the Retired Honorable Justice Raliat Habib Elelu (Former Chief Judge of Kwara State) was appointed.
Their arguments have been that the said justices were unfairly treated by their administrations and so he would be bitter against them in the handling of the matter.
 The thing is that how many true-blooded Kwarans are not hurt by Saraki’s gangsterism, especially abuse of power and barefaced suppression of people’s rights and privileges, in his reign of terror? The truth is that many Kwarans feel that the Otoge administration has been disappointingly too lenient with Bukola Saraki and his gangs and that is why they have become so bold in talking about his yeye comeback as if Kwara is their fiefdom (this mentality actually sent them packing in the first place)! While I do not necessarily share the sentiment that the new administration should go all out against Bukola Saraki and his boys as such may make it lose focus, I am bitter that these people are behaving like thieves who are fast calling owners of their loot to an open dwell! .
Now I heard that Bukola Saraki and his boys in the name of Kwara Agenda have written a petition to reject Justice Orilonishe as chairman of the commission of Inquiry.
 Arrant nonsense! Kwara Agenda my foot! NGO my shit! Kwarans will not forget in a hurry the ‘Agenda’ in the name and the concept of dusting off moralities and breeding the illegalities which eventually swept Dr. Bukola Saraki led administration off the stage. 
What is the justification of Morality and Law mentioned by the club?
 Both the founder and Trustees evidence their brands. A freshly registered Name would be better off this branded name which is notoriously acknowledged by kwarans. When the secretariat of the Kwara Agenda resides in Dr. Saraki’s room and its trustees are in his handbags, we can say we are indeed reading from the leading NGO in the state. They claimed that the retired judge was indicted by the Senator Suleiman Makanjuola Ajadi’s panel which had earlier probed the sale of Kwara assets. 
The indictment, they claimed, has to do with the listing of Orilonishe as an owner of one of the disputed properties.
Arrant nonsense! 
This man retired as one of the most courageous judges to have served in the Kwara State Judiciary. 
The records are there for check. When this man was retiring from service, he had the guts to challenge anyone who has any record of his collecting bribe or doing anything contrary to his oath of office to come out with it! That is the highest anyone who served at the height of the reign of those hyenas (Sarakites) can go to assert their integrity. 
As a legal practitioner, I am not unaware of the fact that judges can only be seen but cannot be heard fighting his cause.
 I have said it once and I am repeating it again that we would always be the mouth of every upright judges who are serving or retired as they have sacrificed everything to stand this Nation we are. If not for them, these people would have looted us out of the map.
The provisions of laws are sacrosanct regarding the entitlement of Judges. No one would be referred to as thief for being in possession of his property. You cannot celebrate club of looters by simply trying to make judges illegal occupants on their own property. May I refer kwarans to Rule 5(4)(e) of NATIONAL JUDICIAL COUNCIL PROCEDURAL RULES FOR APPOINTMENT OF JUDICIAL OFFICERS INTO SUPERIOR COURTS OF RECORD.  Every judge is entitled to be housed in a quarter.
 Every judge is entitled to the right of first refusal of such quarter once they retired.
 All of Orilonishe’s contemporaries on the bench got a quarter which they legally went with at their retirement. So what is strange about him getting a quarter too? Orilonishe’s quarter is never disputed. I know as a matter of law and morality, those judges who were deprived in the era of impunity will equally be acknowledged. 
Senator Ajadi’s Committee made recommendations on the properties they investigated. Its recommendation on the quarters of judges like Orilonishe is that government should leave them because it was their lawful entitlement. How can this be a subject of blackmail by Sarakites who are always afraid of their own shadow? Is there any evil they did to Orilonishe over which they are so scared? Somebody should tell them to park well, abeg! 
Sambo Muritala esq.
Sambo Muritala & Co,
Activist Chambers.

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