just read the reaction of a so-called Kwara Agenda to my earlier write-up on Justice Orilonise and my belief in his competence to lead the investigative panel on mismanaged Kwara assets.

First, for the benefit of the doubt, the Kwara Agenda group is an assembly of nitwits led by a notorious internet nuisance by name Bishop Sholyment. This introductory exposition is necessary so that people would know and understand the importance they would attach to the rejoinder by the so-called Kwara Agenda.

But even at that, instead of castigating Sholyment and his co-travellers for what looks like a genuine ignorance of the facts in issue, I would opt to educate them and any other interested members of the public who are genuinely seeking clarifications on the vexed issue of the Orilonise Quitters. So, I will try to be as factual and succinct as possible.

Issue One:

Was Justice Orilonise entitle to an official quarters on retirement?

Issue Two:

Was Justice Orilonise given opportunity for outright acquisition of the quarter like his other colleagues?

Issue Three

Is Justice Orilonise living in a government allocated land/house for retired judicial officers?

Issue Four

Did the Ajadi Committee indict Justice Orilonise in its report?

Issue Five

What is the status of the Orilonise quarters at the moment?

Issue Six

By virtue of all the above, is Justice Orilonise competent enough to sit on the Panel as a Chairman?

Issue One.

By virtue of the enabling law, allocations of quarters is a precondition to the appointment of judges. Judges are giving option of outright acquisition of the quarters if they so wish. Justice Orilonise like every other judge of his time was hosted in the government quarters while serving and the Acclaimed Orilonise quarters was the one allotted to the Judge. 

Issue Two.

Unlike his contemporaries, Justice Orilonise was not given option to buy his own quarters by the Dr. Bukola Saraki led administration who was the then governor of this state. .The reason behind this denial resides in kwarans who witnessed the era of the duo. The fact regarding this assertion speaks for itself.

Issue Three

Justice Orilonise is not  living in the government quarters. The erudite Justice applied and acquired a Virgin land behind the one he was denied. He followed the procedure of acquisition like every other occupants of Government Reserved Area. The incorruptible judge used his retirement package to offset his current apartment. The former commissioner for Land and Housing: Architect Kale Belgore is a living witness to the acquisition of the land.

Issue Four

The fact finding committee led by Senator Ajadi did not indict Justice Orilonise with the statement that the committee suspect an illegal building within the Acclaimed Orilonise’s quarters. The quarters was never at anytime allotted to the judge for purchase. Whatsoever sprang up from the quarters is not the business of the man.

Issue Five.

The status of the quarters is pathetic as it remained deserted since the man left the building. Several associates of the former governor tried to acquired the building but none has the required gut to take possession of the quarters. I will not forget in hurry how the incumbent Chief Judge of Kwara State was invited to adopt the building for Kwara State Judicial Service Commission. C.J  refused the offer. The building is not in anybody’s possession.

Issue Six.

The competence and capabilities of Justice Orilonise is not in doubt considering the operating law of the land. The unfolding stewardship of Justice Orilonise makes him more qualified to head the panel at all time. When a judge can not be bought, cuprites develop cold feet at his arrival. Appointment of Orilonise led Commission of enquiry is indeed a round peg in a round hole. 

Activist Sambo Muritala Esq.

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