“Sunset Workers in Kwara State”- Matters Arising

“Sunset Workers”- Matters Arising

The issues affecting the sunset workers are more complicated than you may think of. However, it is being resolved. All interests will be considered without sacrificing or damaging the system.

What are the issues? The former Gov gave approval for engagement of 1,100 qualified science/Maths/English teachers but no less than 2,414 were engaged 🙄!!! When we came on board, there were pressures on the Governor to disengage all sunset workers like many of his colleague Govs did. The term “sunset workers” refers to those engaged in the twilight of the administration that engaged them. But His Excellency resisted that pressure, saying they are all Kwarans and he intends not to hurt anyone — but of course without damaging the state or its future!

However, it was discovered that many unqualified hands were hired apart from the relevant agencies blatantly exceeding the quota approved by His Excellency the former Gov. So, Gov AA directed that screenings be conducted to ensure that only qualified persons were hired. That was done and a list of 1,700+ was submitted to him. He graciously approved that and they were sent back to the payroll. Please note that this is magnanimous as it exceeded the 1,100 that the former administration had approved. Sadly, people in charge again pushed over 500 more into the payroll without executive approval by the Governor. This is what has become a major issue now. The anti-graft agency has waded in.

Now, the government is looking into the issues with a view to resolving the logjam. This is being done certainly in a way that curbs the abuses we saw above while also ensuring fairness for all: those affected and of course the state (especially the children and our future as a people).

We should hear something in this direction as soon as possible.

Thank you and God bless you!

2 thoughts on ““Sunset Workers in Kwara State”- Matters Arising”

  1. I think the affected teachers will love to hear something better from the government sooner than later. May the Lord strengthen them as it is not easy not paid for 6 months coupled with the adverse effect of covid19 on our economy

  2. The truth of the matter is that majority of the affected sunset teachers were the first set of qualified people employed by the past administration, but the top officers used their influence to slot in their people, so when there were so much pressure to remove certain people from the payroll, they manipulated the process again and retained their candidates instead of the of those who really received their appointment letter and started teaching from January 2019. If you really want the issue to be resolved, hire external personnel to conduct another screening and remove those whose areas of discipline do not correspond with the subjects and discipline covered by the published advert by the past administration.

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