The First King Of The New Ijara-Isin!

The First King Of The New Ijara-Isin! HRH. Oba Ajibola Ademola Julius

From Kwara State, Nigeria comes the very good people of Ijara-Isin, a town situated in Isin Local Government Area of the state, known for their goodwill and highly industrious sons and daughters.

One of such distinguished sons who has now ascended the throne of his father’s is already setting the trail ablazed with his love, dedication and commitment to the progress of his people.

HRH. Oba Ajibola Ademola Julius; a foremost Pharmacist and business man who has excelled both in career and business wise was given the staff of office after being unanimously chosen by all the king makers in the domain.

It is not surprising that within the short time that he has ascended the throne, he has exemplified the same qualities and virtues that made him succeed in his previous endeavours into his new office. It is not surprising that the people have already accepted him wholeheartedly by his acts that have endeared them to him.

Not known for one to sit back and fold his arms while others oversee his responsibilities, the new King has taken it upon himself to follow up, monitor and inspect ongoing projects within the community, some of this projects were hitherto abandoned but now have received a new life since he resumed office as the First King Of The New Ijara-Isin.

Worthy of mention are the following projects which he has personally conducted hands on inspection just to ensure that the projects are carried out using the best modern practices and stipulated standards are met;
The Ijara-Isin Town Hall- Handled by the Iranloye Dynasty, this project has received massive boost since the new King resumed office. Today, the town hall is already wearing a new look as the pace of work has increased tremendously.

The New Look Post Office- Knowing the importance of information and communication in this modern day, the new King is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that such institution of government receive a befitting face lift as well.

Ijara-Isin Community Development Fund- Getting access to financial services at their convenience is also a major vision for the new King of Ijara-Isin, the microfinance bank when fully completed will provide banking services and also loans for businesses in the area. This will help small businesses to grow and expand hence improving the economic growth of the entire community.

Police Station- The guarantee of security for lives and property is a major catalyst for growth, peace and development of any community. Talks are already in advanced stage to bring back a fully functional and operational police station back to Ijara-Isin. All done within the short time that he resumed office.

Road constructions have also began within the town, the new King has conducted on sight inspections to ensure that little details like the gutter for drainage and pavements are done with the right and correct dimensions. He has painstakingly gone round countless times discussing with the contractors and workers involved in this projects to ensure they are well motivated to deliver on their words.

The new King is also driving and leading a new wave of conversation with other key stakeholders and members of the community to galvanise and foster unity amongst residents. Since resuming office he has held numerous meetings to ensure that the people are carried along in the new path the town is now on.

Feedbacks from residents show clearly that his renewed spirit and commitment has brought about a new day of hope, excitement and joy to all. His passion to see a new Ijara-Isin Community borne by his dedication is clearly yielding dividends already.

The New King Of Ijara-Isin is proven daily that the king makers did not make a mistake by electing him to serve in this capacity, the results are speaking already.

Long may he live, long may he reign!

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