Is Gov AA truly intolerant? By Rafiu Ajakaye

Is Gov AA truly intolerant?

Rafiu Ajakaye commented:

Good evening sirs/mas:.

Inasmuch as I like to stay off the political brickbats which are becoming routine in Kwara (APC), I often shudder at the allegations that the Governor is trying to become a tyrant or he is intolerant and the likes. While tyrants indeed take time to bare their fangs, they never leave anyone in doubt about who they really are. There are examples across the country. In their conducts and utterances, it is also not so hard to know who a dove or a hawk is.

Yesterday, with due respect, I had a good laugh when AIG Ishola made a similar claim. I laughed because while (we) youngsters like my friend Ahmed Akorede may be forgiven for not having enough insights of history, the retired AIG may not enjoy similar luxury. As a top security operative who possibly was still in service between 1999 and 2007, I believe he should understand who an intolerant, belligerent or power drunk leader is/looks like. He possibly witnessed or took part in some events (operations) in those dark days in the years references above. In other words, he understands the powers of a (chief) executive and how such powers can be deployed to subdue one’s foes or foes-to be. As a reporter, I cried the day we interviewed HE Segun Oni in his GRA house in Ikeja after his infamous encounter with a chief executive (no medal for guessing right). My elders, till date nothing has happened to that former chief executive o. Yet it was providence that saved the eyes of HE Segun Oni! That typifies how naked powers are deployed. We had something similar in Kwara, even if not so pronounced or brutal. There are countless of such examples of how chief executives can be when they face “threats”.

It is a fact that Governors enjoy enormous powers and resources, including deploying raw state powers to subdue their enemies, some at the slightest provocation.

For nearly two years now, HE has endured some of the worst instances of disrespect to his office. He has endured so much attacks on his person from within and outside his party fold. He has watched while his own party chair said all sort of things against him. Is it on record that HE AA ever attacked anyone of them? Is it on record that he deployed raw powers against anyone? And, yes, let nobody be deceived, he is a Governor with the same powers and strong political and family base to draw the blood if he wanted to. But he has never done so, despite the humiliation he has endured in the hands of some fellows!

So, on what empirical basis can anyone accuse the Gov of being intolerant or being a tyrant? 🙂 For me, these are just pure name-calling and cheap blackmail to continue to ridicule him and his office while he stands akimbo. Even God Almighty told his Prophets to stop turning the other cheek at some point. Again, I continue to restrain myself from talking full-blown party politics. But certainly villains are being robed in the unmerited garb of heroes. A dove is being called a hawk while the real hawks make pretensions to being the victims! Time will tell.

One is however glad that the whole mask is coming off. God is great! The entire noise is not about the Governor not delivering goodies to the masses within available resources and peculiarities of the state. There is a limit to man’s ability to endure humiliation and disrespect to his person, especially when there is no good reason for that. Strange enough, his traducers are not able to endure a fraction of what they dish to him. 🤦‍♂️ Thank you and God bless this evening and always.

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